07 7 / 2014

My family is French Canadian. My parents are 1st generation born in the USA. Unfortunately my parents didn’t understand that speaking to us in French would only enrich our lives, so they always spoke English to us, and spoke French when they wanted to discuss something private like sex etc….

I grew up in Salem, Mass., surrounded by a large, loving family which included my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts & uncles, aunts & uncles, and many cousins.

Visiting Montreal and Quebec Province is on my Bucket List. I even have directions to the home in Quebec where my Grandmother Alberta was born (my father’s mom who was named after the province).
I’m looking forward to meeting some cousins who live there, but a little concerned they will be upset that I don’t speak French. Not knowing the language while traveling in France didn’t stop me from enjoying my time there so I’m assuming my relatives will forgive me.

Love~~ Cheryl

24 6 / 2014

Cheryl Cohen Greene, DHS turned 3 today!

Cheryl Cohen Greene, DHS turned 3 today!

19 6 / 2014

I’m wondering how long these beautiful creatures will survive as humans continue to destroy their habitats and our atmosphere? Huge corporations don’t care what happens to the 99%. Where are they planning to go when our habitat is destroyed by their Fracking, over fishing, polluting our oceans, destroying the Rain Forests etc……………

How many of you are experiencing Allergies or Asthma for the first time?

I suggest we all vote for people who understand and aren’t in the pockets of
Big Business.

Love~~~ Cheryl

23 5 / 2014

I just signed up for this and I’ve found some music I would never have heard under ordinary circumstances.

Check out SoundCloud and see what you enjoy.

18 5 / 2014

Today seems to be Health Tip Day. I didn’t know many of this concerning foods for specific health issues. I hope you find them useful.

18 5 / 2014

Information that is important for our digestion. I wish I’d know this a long time ago. I’m working on eating slower. How about you?

18 5 / 2014

My husband said, “I wonder about the snake and the alligator!” I said “Don’t limit your imagination darling.”

This is wonderful and I hope you ENJOY!

17 5 / 2014

I love Historic Artifacts! The older the better. I’m always amazed by the intricacy of oldest pieces.

Kathrin The Great’s chair surprised me. I thought all the rumors about her huge libido were made up. I immediately wished I could sit on it, and wonder where she kept it in the palace. I assume in her bedroom.

12 5 / 2014

I love photography and in my next life being one is near the top of my list, along with being able to play the piano, speak French & Spanish, writing an accurate, healthy, nonjudgmental curriculum for Sex Education for all schools and being a physicist! I just keep adding to the list when I discover another wonderful profession. But one career I’d never want is to be a Politician!

08 5 / 2014

This is worth watching because it reminds us that there are people who care enough to save the vulnerable no matter what species they are.