11 4 / 2014

I hope everyone reads this. Especially those of you with children & grandchildren.

LOVE~~~ Cheryl

28 3 / 2014

These things do make me happy!! The one that made me sad is that my parents are gone so I won’t be able to make them happy anymore. But, it gives me great comfort knowing I did.

27 3 / 2014

Ben Aaron is a person who truly  isn’t self-conscious. I’d really need to be with him to take Dance/walk Fitness into my life even though I love both. Watch this video and it will make you happy. I’m thinking of getting a group of friends and trying it here in Berkeley.


27 3 / 2014

I have worked both professionally and personally with Dr. Naomi O’Keefe.

She and I have been very successful in our work with clients who have had all sorts of sexual concerns and she has helped, through Hypnosis, relieve the worries I’ve had before major surgeries. 

She is one of the very best therapists I’ve ever worked with in my profession as a Surrogate Partner Therapist. 

If you want to speak with her about any issues, sexual or otherwise, her is her website:     http://drnaomiokeefe.com

27 3 / 2014

URGENT | Help the Presidential Elephants in Zimbabwe

As long as there is Ivory poaching these magnificent, intelligent creatures are in danger. 

24 3 / 2014

Watch the video and understand how amazing Jennifer is. I’m proud to call her my friend. She is multi talented and one of the most generous, loving people you’ll every meet. Please help her win this van.

She is a fantastic role model for living life to it’s fullest and caring about humanity. Again, please help her win this van.

23 3 / 2014

Wisteria is blooming right now and I’m in heaven. I love to check for bees and then burry my face in their beautiful scent filled hanging blossoms.

These photos show a magnificent garden I’d love to visit. My Brother and his family lived within walking distance of Kew Gardens in the city of Kew, Richmond outside of London and several times during my visits we would spend time there. If you get a chance, put that on your list of places to experience if your in London.

21 3 / 2014

These also made me happy and many caused me to laugh out loud!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

21 3 / 2014

I don’t have a dog that lives with me, but I do have a grand puppy who lives with my son and his family next door. He often visits because I represent treats. He’s on a diet right now so I see his longing face quite often.

I love these photos and captions, so I’m posting this because it makes me happy. ENJOY!

17 3 / 2014

I watched HBO’s alternative documentary/investigative report show VICE, and discovered how our country supports the corruption and waste in Afghanistan. The title of the show is “Afghanistan Money Pit.” 

Our government stopped or lessened financial support for welfare, food stamps, Head Start and the list goes on and on. How can this be tolerated when there seems to be no problem funding countries like Afghanistan and Iraq with infrastructure aid that is often completed but never used. I hope you will be as upset as I am and vote for candidates who will do something to change this waste of our resources. People who believe in a more progressive compassionate government.